The submissions listed below respond to our Consultation Paper (PDF, 1.4 MB).

The Sentencing Council has also received over 248 submissions in response to the sentencing decision in R v Shepard [2020] NSWSC 141 in relation to the murder of Allecha Boyd. The submissions call for amendments to the law so that offenders sentenced for murder are not released from imprisonment if they have not disclosed the location of the victim's body.

We thank all those who have raised the issue of "no body, no parole". However, our resources do not permit us to publish such a large volume of submissions, nor to respond personally to all who provided input.

We will be addressing the issue of “no body, no parole” in our final report.

MU01 Dr Margaret Ann Hanlon (PDF, 112.9 KB)

MU02 Georgina Frampton (PDF, 111.8 KB)

MU03 Jane Harris (PDF, 78.6 KB)

MU04 Jessica Smith (PDF, 93.0 KB)

MU05 Bravehearts Foundation Ltd (PDF, 160.9 KB)

MU06 Helen Sanderson (PDF, 78.1 KB)

MU07 Dorothy Jones (PDF, 93.5 KB)

MU08 Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia (PDF, 232.2 KB)

MU09 Joyce Page (PDF, 685.3 KB)

MU10 Robin Margo (PDF, 92.4 KB)

MU11 Emilia Della Torre (PDF, 121.5 KB)

MU12 Lisbeth Allen (PDF, 62.1 KB)

MU13 Yvette Pritchard (PDF, 73.2 KB)

MU14 Derrick Zabow (PDF, 88.2 KB)

MU15 Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia (PDF, 2.1 MB)

MU16 Domenic Pezzano (PDF, 264.4 KB)

MU17 Iris Ryall (PDF, 2.5 MB)

MU18 Allan Miles (PDF, 242.7 KB)

MU19 Diane Singer (PDF, 29.2 KB)

MU20 Police Associate of NSW (PDF, 208.1 KB)

MU21 James Mohr (PDF, 53.9 KB)

MU22 NSW Bar Association (PDF, 1.0 MB)

MU23 Colin Hesse (PDF, 105.9 KB)

MU25 Julie Marshall (PDF, 78.9 KB)

MU26 University of Newcastle Legal Centre (PDF, 400.1 KB)

MU27 Carlotta McIntosh (PDF, 42.4 KB)

MU28 Women's Safety NSW (PDF, 291.2 KB)

MU29 Jane Quin (PDF, 205.5 KB)

MU30 Eileen Culleton (PDF, 551.1 KB)

MU31 Victims of Crime Assistance League (PDF, 530.3 KB)

MU32 Judith McCallum (PDF, 1.4 MB)

MU33 Domestic Violence NSW (PDF, 820.6 KB)

MU34 Women's Legal Service NSW (PDF, 324.7 KB)

MU35 Australia's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety (PDF, 139.5 KB)

MU36 Legal Aid NSW (PDF, 309.6 KB)

MU37 Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF, 248.1 KB)

MU53 Tess Knight (PDF, 125.8 KB)

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12 Jul 2024

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